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CETL works with Northern faculty members to implement student-centered pedagogies and engaging curriculums. We support interdisciplinary discussions, innovative programming, and learning communities through campus-wide programming and funding opportunities.


our purpose

The purpose CETL is to cultivate effective and respectful high-impact teaching practices across NSU. The center provides faculty with resources and training to improve their pedagogies and better facilitate student learning and success.


Our Goal

We aim to cultivate a culture of curiosity and collegiality that supports pedagogical excellence and lifelong learning.


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For asynchronous viewing of past event recordings and support materials, see the Faculty Connect Sandbox in D2L.  For assistance logging in, contact cetl@northern.edu.




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CETL Staff

Jessica Furney


Mrs. Jessica Furney




Office: Science Center 118

Jessica Furney joined Northern in May of 2022. She works with and provides support for the CETL team as well as supporting faculty in the science and math department. Furney believes that one should never quit being a student in life and there is always a learning experience ahead.



Angela Hermansen


Ms. Angela Hermansen

Instructional Designer



Office: Library 143

Angela Hermansen came to Northern in the spring of 2023. With more than 19 years in the field of education, she has a passion for creating effective and engaging learning experiences for all. She is committed to designing and developing educational materials that foster collaboration, uphold the highest standards, and foster lifelong learning.



Maria Martens


Ms. Maria Martens

CETL technology fellow


Office: Library 141A

Maria Martens is majoring in digital media with an emphasis in social media marketing and public relations. She plans to graduate in the spring of 2024. Martens creates content, manages social media accounts, and designs printed ads for campus use. She also helps CETL’s director and the instructional design team coordinate events.



Liz Sills


Dr. Liz Sills

Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, associate professor of communication studies



Office: Technology Center 264

Liz Sills has been passionate about pedagogy ever since taking their first graduate school Instructional Communication course. Their pedagogical research and classroom activity ideas have been featured at conferences such as the National Communication Association and the Western States Communication Association as well as journals like Communication Teacher. Sills encourages students to view learning as an opportunity for adventure.

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Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning 

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Dr. Liz Sills



Office: Technology Center 264

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