Northern is the only South Dakota state university to offer a two-year early childhood education degree.

Northern State University's associate degree in early childhood education is your gateway to an exciting and rewarding career in childcare and education. 


Immediate path to qualified childcare provider

Our program equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel as a qualified childcare provider. You'll be making a positive impact on young minds and setting the foundation for their future success.


Launch your future career in education

Dreaming of becoming an elementary or special education teacher? With Northern's associate degree, you're on the right track. All 60 credits you earn can seamlessly transition toward a bachelor's degree in elementary education or special education right here at Northern.


Why choose this degree?

Promote Quality Childcare

Early childhood education plays a vital role in developing children's social and emotional skills. As a top-notch childcare provider, you'll benefit children of all grades, from preschool to college.


Meet Critical Demand

Since the demand for early childhood educators has reached critical levels in South Dakota, candidates with an associate degree in early childhood education are likely to be highly marketable to employers.


Boost Your Career

Whether you're new to the profession or an experienced preschool educator, Northern's program supports your career path and opens doors to new opportunities.

Your future as a childcare provider and educator begins at Northern. Apply now!