Federal workstudy

Workstudy gives you the opportunity to "earn as you learn." Students on the workstudy program are paid monthly for hours worked. These funds should be used to cover indirect costs, since they're not available at the beginning of the term, when fee payment is due. Most workstudy awards are based on working approximately 10 hours per week. The pay rate is $13-$15 per hour. 


How do I qualify?

If you’re enrolled at Northern at least half time and demonstrate financial need, Federal workstudy may be available to you. To determine financial need, first complete your FAFSA as soon as possible. Those offered workstudy can view and accept these funds along with other aid in their financial aid offer. Unsure of your eligibility? Don’t hesitate to contact our office!


I've accepted workstudy; what’s next?

  • Familiarize yourself with the workstudy program by viewing our Workstudy Guide.
  • Search for available positions using these resources:
    • WolfWork – A one-stop employment resource for students. Search for jobs including part-time, full-time, workstudy and more!
    • 2024 Quicklist – A summary of available workstudy positions. For a complete job description, refer to postings on WolfWork. 
    • Student Employment Interest Form – After you complete this form, we will share your employment interest with supervisors and notify them if you are workstudy-eligible. Supervisors may contact you regarding open positions. You could have a job lined up before the semester begins!
  • Gather two forms of ID AND either a voided check OR your bank routing/account information. Examples of eligible forms of ID can be found on Page 2 of the I-9. All new employees need these documents to complete their employment paperwork.
  • As a new workstudy student, you will be notified via NSU email to attend a workstudy orientation meeting at the start of the fall semester. At this meeting, you will learn about the workstudy program, complete employment paperwork (I-9, W-4 and direct deposit), and receive job certification, which allows you to be hired.

Student labor

Student labor is another opportunity for students to work on campus, particularly for those who do not qualify for workstudy or who would like to work additional hours. You don't need to apply for financial aid to work in these positions. Wage rates and hours will vary depending on the position. Visit WolfWork or contact offices for information regarding any openings.


Career Services

Career Services can help you find part-time and full-time employment, on or off campus, that matches your professional and personal goals. Career Services also manages WolfWork. For more information, visit Career Services in Mewaldt-Jensen 102 or call 605-626-2416.


Student Employment Resources

SNAP: Timesheet access for Federal workstudy and student labor

Wolfwork: Online system for posting and searching job vacancies

Direct Deposit


W-4 - Complete and return Page 1