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Take a course - earn a badge! Jump-start your career search or remain marketable in an ever-changing employment landscape by obtaining Northern's digital badges, symbols of self-motivation and achievement. Courses are conveniently available online.

Northern offers students, employees and community members verified, real-world skills training and professional development through a partnership with Credly, the world's largest digital badging platform. Learn more at Northern's Credly site.


What is a digital badge?

A digital badge is:

  • A signifier of a micro credential - a short, focused credential representing in-demand skills, know-how and experience
  • A learn-at-your-own-pace, non-credit-bearing form of certification in a narrow area of study
  • Based on a "learn-by-doing" model
  • Designed to replace paper certificates you would have earned in the past upon completing career-enhancement courses
  • Easily added to your professional online presence - share your badge on your LinkedIn profile or other social media. Metadata embedded in the badge proves your earned competency to employers and recruiters.


Have an idea for a micro-credential?

You could be compensated for your idea! Learn more:

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