APD offers ALICE safety training to Northern employees

APD conducts ALICE training at NSU

ABERDEEN, S.D. – Northern State University employees are getting the option to complete campus safety training thanks to a program offered by the Aberdeen Police Department.

APD is offering ALICE active shooter training to faculty and staff across campus, including in all of the academic colleges as well as departments such as Admissions and Student Affairs.

ALICE is an options-based program that stands for alert, lockdown, inform, counter, evacuate, and it’s a method that the APD says works well in school settings.

In the past, schools were taught to follow the traditional lockdown method, but that was meant for situations where the threat is outside the school, said APD Sgt. Keith Theroux.

When faced with a threat, the three natural responses are: Fight, flight and freeze.

The best option, if possible, is flight.

“If the threat is in the building, get out of the building,” Theroux said.

But if that’s not possible, ALICE provides other options as well. The steps are not meant to be a linear response; rather, individuals should choose what best fits the problem they’re facing:

Alert: Use all means necessary to let others know of the danger, including yelling out “gun,” texting a co-worker or posting on social media.

Lockdown: This doesn’t just include locking a door and staying silent. People should also barricade that locked door – be a harder target to reach.

Inform: Provide real-time information by all means possible, including location, suspect description, etc.

Counter: Disrupt the shooter – by movement, throwing objects, etc. – to lower accuracy.

Evacuate: When doing this, always look for threats – peek around corners before proceeding, etc. And if you reach your car, don’t drive away. Police are likely on their way, and you don’t want to block their entry.

For more information on ALICE active shooter training, contact NSU Campus Police Officer Angela Senger at 605-626-2474.

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