A graduation hat is bejeweled to say NSU with a wolf paw above it

ABERDEEN, S.D. –  This Saturday, Dec. 9, 117 students will graduate at Northern State University’s winter commencement.

The public is welcome to attend and honor our new Wolves alumni. The commencement ceremony will begin at 10 a.m. in the Johnson Fine Arts Center Jewett Theater. It is expected to last approximately 90 minutes.

Dr. Hannah Walters, Associate Professor in the School of Business and 2023 NSU Foundation Faculty Excellence Awardee, will deliver the commencement address.

The event will be livestreamed through the Northern Facebook page, the Northern Graduation and Commencement page, and locally through channels 12 (Midco and NVC) and 588 (Midco).

Graduates are listed below, grouped alphabetically by city and state:
John Jacklin, Glendale (B.A. in Honoribus Communication Studies)

Mackenna Heiden, Aurora (B.S. Human Performance) *

Christopher Johnson, Torrington (A.A. General Studies)

Delaney Ryken, Ames (B.S.Ed Elementary Education) ***

George Bolling, Orofino (B.S. Environmental Science)

Holly Randall, Manhattan (B.S. Biology, Certificate Allied Health) **

Rachel Garvey, Dayton (B.S. Marketing)
Shelby Novotny, Elk River (B.S. in Honoribus Biology, B.S.Ed in Honoribus Biology) **
Ella McCormick, Mahtomedi (B.S. Marketing) ***
Katherine Pickering, Moorhead (B.S.Ed Elementary Education; Special Education)
Ian Hendrickson, Princeton (M.M.E. Music Education)
Kennedy Gravelle, Wadena (B.S. in Honoribus Biology) ***

Caitlynn Barse, Warrensburg (B.S.Ed Elementary Education)

North Carolina
Tanner Nifong, Advance (A.S. Business Administration)

North Dakota
Destiny Wenger, Adrian (B.A. Government)
Trysten Lang, Ellendale (B.S. Accounting; Finance)
Holly Durbin, Fargo (B.S.Ed Elementary Education)*
Andrew Pugliano, Fargo (M.S.Ed Sports Performance and Leadership) 
Taylor Krege, Fullerton (B.S. Ed Elementary Education)**
Abigail Scheuring, Lidgerwood (A.S. Digital Media, Certificate Arts Administration)
Rochelle Jimenez, Valley City (M.M.E. Music Education)

Garret Thompson, Fremont (M.S.Ed Sports Performance and Leadership)

Carly Wright Bandon (,M.S.Ed Leadership and Administration)
James Wright, Bandon (M.S.Ed Leadership and Administration)

South Dakota
Madison Aguirre, Aberdeen (M.S.Ed Teaching and Learning) %
Paa Kwasi Agyemang, Aberdeen (M.S.Ed Educational Studies)
Dakota Barnard, Aberdeen (B.S. Human Performance)
Raelee Bettmann, Aberdeen (B.G.S. General Studies)
Christopher Beusch, Aberdeen (B.S. Management Information Systems)**
Caitline Blinder, Aberdeen (B.A. English)
Ana Diaz, Aberdeen (B.S. Accounting)
Della Donovan, Aberdeen (B.S. Psychology)*
Cacey Dornbusch, Aberdeen (B.S. Biology)
Austin Farthing, Aberdeen (B.S. Accounting)
Amanda Gauer, Aberdeen (M.S.Ed Instructional in Design E-learning)
John Grabowska, Aberdeen (A.A. Criminal Justice)^
Norma Hall, Aberdeen (B.S. Business Administration)***
Niklas Hansen, Aberdeen (B.S. Ed. Physical Education)
Anthony Harris, Aberdeen (B.A. Criminal Justice; Sociology)
Makayla Hauck, Aberdeen (B.A. Communication Studies, B.S. Psychology) **
Cody He Crow, Aberdeen (A.A. General Studies) **
Tyler Hintz, Aberdeen (B.A. Criminal Justice) 
Bushra Hulmani, Aberdeen (B.A. English)
Paige Johnson, Aberdeen (B.S. Marketing) ***
Kendra Kranz, Aberdeen (B.S. Accounting; Finance; Management) 
Briana Kratovil, Aberdeen (B.A. English) 
Dakota Larson, Aberdeen (B.S. Environmental Science, Certificate Organismal Biology, Biotechnology) **
Anders Leine, Aberdeen (M.S.Ed Sports Performance and Leadership)
William Lopes, Aberdeen (B.G.S. General Studies)
Chelsey Mehlhoff, Aberdeen (M.S. Accounting Analytics) %
Dawson McNeil, Aberdeen (B.S. Banking and Financial Services)
Lauren Mitchener, Aberdeen (B.S. Psychology) 
Julianna Pasara, Aberdeen (M.S. Accounting Analytics)
Jeremy Pasara, Aberdeen (B.S. in Honoribus Accounting) **
Tanner Pietz, Aberdeen (B.M.E. Music Education K-12 Vocal)**
Andrew Rohrbach, Aberdeen (B.S. Banking and Financial Services)**
Austin Russell, Aberdeen (A.A. Criminal Justice) ^^
Jessica Ryman, Aberdeen (B.S. Human Performance)*
Caleb Schlekeway, Aberdeen (B.A. History)
Hailey Smith, Aberdeen (B.S.Ed Social Science)**
Kasey Tobin, Aberdeen (B.S.Ed Elementary Education) 
Anthony Vespo, Aberdeen (B.S. Sport Marketing and Administration)
Jacob Wild, Aberdeen (B.M.E. Music Education K-12)
Ryann Yamaura, Aberdeen (B.S. Sport Marketing and Administration)
Hope Neugebauer, Armour (B.S.Ed Elementary Education) **
Layne Voeller, Barnard (B.S.Ed Elementary Education)
Taylor Vitters, Bath (B.S.Ed Elementary Education)
Lea Kooiman, Black Hawk (M.S.Ed Leadership and Administration)
Megan Pickering, Brandon (B.S. Accounting) ***
Gavin Terhark, Brandon (B.S. Banking and Financial Services) **
Peris Fellows, Britton (B.S. Psychology)
Khayiah Paye, Cavour (A.A. General Studies)
Kasie Ingraham, Clark (M.S. Accounting Analytics)
Kenzie Hamann, Clear Lake (M.S. Accounting Analytics)
Jessica Huntimer, Colton (B.S.Ed Elementary Education) **
Abigail Breitling, Dell Rapids (B.S.Ed Special Education) *
Tobias Carda, Groton (M.S.Ed Educational Studies)
Regan Leicht, Groton (B.S. Biology) *
Alexandra Schuring, Groton (Graduate Certificate Principal and Building Leadership)
Grace Wiedrick, Groton (A.S. Business Administration)
Lydia Lien, Harrisburg (B.S. Accounting)
Sierra Abler, Hoven (M.S. Ed Educational Studies)
Lu Doh Bwe, Huron (A.A. General Studies)
Andrea Meyers, Huron (A.S. Business Administration)
Donavon Smith, Huron (A.S. Business Administration)
Taylor Stuart, Huron (B.S.Ed Elementary Education) **
Reese Uecker, Huron (B.A. Theatre)
Trejon King, Irene (M.S. Accounting Analytics)
Regina Chase, Java (B.A. History, Certificate Public History)
Rianna Fillipi, Lennox (B.S. Finance)
Brock Baker, Mina (B.S. Sport Marketing and Administration)
Guadalupe Tavarez, Mitchell (A.A. General Studies)
Paige Brandt, Pierre (B.S.Ed Elementary Education)**
Grace Campbell, Pierre (B.A. Sociology; Criminal Justice)
Paige Smit, Pierre (A.A. Criminal Justice) 
Dylan Grundstrom, Rapid City (B.A. in Honoribus English)*
Shelby Konechne, Rapid City (M.S. Accounting Analytics) 
Kailleb Walton-Blanden, Rapid City (B.S. Business Administration)
McKayla Carda, Sioux Falls (M.S.Ed Teaching and Learning)
Isaiah Chevalier, Sioux Falls (M.S. Accounting Analytics) %
Justin Desens, Sioux Falls (B.M.E. Music Education K-12 Instrumental)
Zachary Hanson, Sioux Falls (B.S. Human Performance)
Mitchell Hoover, Sioux Falls (B.S. Sport Marketing and Administration)
Samuel Stock, Sioux Falls (B.S. Business Administration)
Piper Thorpe, Vivian (M.S.Ed Educational Studies)
Angela Vetter, Warner (B.G.S. General Studies)
Mariah Graff, Watertown (M.S.Ed Special Education)
Tyler Grassel, Watertown (M.S.Ed Leadership and Administration)
Roni Mack, Watertown (M.S.Ed Teaching and Learning)
Karissa Olson, Watertown (B.G.S. General Studies)
Abby Stauffenecker, Watertown (B.S. Psychology)
Samuel Stroup, Watertown (B.S. Banking and Financial Services)
Ashley Landmark, White (B.S. Marketing)
Skyler Muilenburg, Yankton (B.S.Ed Elementary Education) **

Jacob Van Landingham, Franklin (B.S. Sport Marketing and Administration)

Dakota Hutzler, Rio (M.S.Ed Sports Performance and Leadership)

Kaylie Haughey, Crumlin, Great Britain (B.S. Marketing)
Emeka Ogakwu London, Great Britain (B.S. Psychology)

***Summa Cum Laude          
**Magna Cum Laude 
*Cum Laude   
^^^Highest Honor      
^^High Honor 
% Summer 2023 Graduate