NSU announces results from 2022 National History Day Regional Competition

A teen girl explaining her National History Day project to two judges while another teen girl looks

ABERDEEN, S.D. – Northern State University announces the following winners from the National History Day regional competition:


Junior Individual Exhibit


  • 1st: Wilmot; “Diversity. Unity. Equality.”; Jada Cameron
  • 2nd: Florence; “Malala Yousafzai”; Emma Caulfield


Junior Group Documentary


  • 2nd: Britton-Hecla; “Louisiana Purchase”; Airiana Buer, Daynika Zuehlke, Harmony Wade, Briana Buer


Junior Individual Paper


  • 1st: Waverly; “Women Vote Yes!”; Destiny Stohfus
  • 2nd: Waverly; “Native American Day Versus Columbus Day”; Elizabeth Meyer


Junior Individual Website


  • 1st: George Mickelson; “The Darlan Deal and Its Effect…”; Alex Kidangathazhe
  • 2nd: Florence; “19th Amendment: Votes for Women”; Roean Raymer


Junior Group Website


  • 1st: George Mickelson; “The Treaty of Versailles: Doom of the World”; Joseph Michna, Samuel Caugherty, Shaurya Sehgal, William Jin


Junior Group Exhibit


  • 1st: Britton-Hecla; “The Cuban Missile Crisis”; Carter Chapin, Madelynn Micko, Mataya Knecht
  • 1st: Florence; “The Angel of Death”; Ayden Kerfien, Dawson Hlavacek, Jonathan Leonardi
  • 2nd: Waverly; “ Small Bodies, Little Fingers”; Emma Ploof, Jolene Krantz, Dashaya Koch
  • 2nd: Waverly; “ Equality of Amendments”; Cael Heuer, Jaina Johnson, Malaya Nowick


Senior Individual Documentary


  • 1st: Summit; “The Dakota Wars of the 1800s”; Madelyn Hinkelman


Senior Individual Exhibit


  • 1st: Wilmot; “Women’s Rights Movement”; Alyssa Feather
  • 2nd: Sioux Valley; “Plessy v. Ferguson: Separate but not Equal”; Morgan Hemmestad
  • 2nd: Sioux Valley; “A Horsefly Can’t Do Much Damage…”; Hunter Rose
  • 2nd: Sioux Valley; “Agent Orange: More Harm Than Good”; Skylar Schwab


Senior Individual Paper


  • 1st: Summit; “Gladys Pyle”; Allison Bauer


Senior Group Performance


  • 1st: Waverly; “Separated But Not Alone”; Capri Schroeder, Emily Heuer, Logan Comes, Sidney Stricherz, Sophie Dalton
  • 2nd: Summit; “Yalta Conference”; Cierra Fonder, Jorja Whempner, Katie Karst, Katie Minder


Senior Group Exhibit


  • 1st: Waverly; “The Prohibition Era”; Gavyn Jorgensen, Jedi Buting, Kolby Ries, Owen Gilmour, Troy Kneeland
  • 2nd: Sioux Valley; “Rosie the Riveter”; Kiana King, Moana Korkut


Senior Group Website


  • 1st: Waverly; “Public Opinion in Vietnam”; Alex Pekelder, Andrew Goff
  • 2nd: Waverly; “The Berlin Airlift”; Anna Schaefers, Kylie Comes


Outstanding Junior Project


  • Florence; “The Angel of Death”; Ayden Kerfien, Dawson Hlavacek, Jonathan Leonardi


Outstanding Senior Project


  • Waverly; “The Prohibition Era”; Gavyn Jorgensen, Jedi Buting, Kolby Ries, Owen Gilmour, Troy Kneeland


Outstanding Local History Project


  • Summit; “Gladys Pyle”; Allison Bauer


The March 9 competition at NSU had 208 middle and high school students with 117 group and individual projects from nine schools, along with their teachers. Participating schools were:


  • Britton-Hecla Middle School
  • Florence School
  • George Mickelson Middle School
  • Hoven High School
  • Sioux Valley High School
  • Summit High School
  • Waverley-South Shore High School
  • Wilmot School
  • Ellendale High School


Sponsoring the event were the NSU History Department, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Center of Public History and Civic Engagement.


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