Schaff to present at TEDx event in Rapid City

ABERDEEN, S.D. -  Northern State University’s Dr. Jon Schaff, professor of political science, will speak at a TEDx event in Rapid City on June 20.

Schaff’s TEDx talk is titled “Why is American Politics So Screwed Up?”

"I hope to show that, contrary to what we might think, our politics would benefit from stronger political parties and a campaign finance system that made it easier, not harder, for candidates to raise money," said Schaff.

Schaff most recently gave a version of the talk last November as a part of NSU’s Primrose Arts and Lecture Series.

Schaff’s involvement in the series was picked up and discussed on Seth Tupper’s Mount Podmore podcast and caught the attention of the Rapid City TEDx organizers who then invited Schaff to be involved in their upcoming event.

NSU alum Alex Massa is also a featured speaker at the event. For more information, visit the TEDx Rapid City website.

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