ABERDEEN, S.D.— Northern State University is pleased to announce the students who have earned recognition on the Academic Recognition list for the spring semester of 2024. This honor is awarded to undergraduate students who have achieved a system honor point average of 3.50 or better for the semester. To be eligible, students must have completed at least twelve credit hours prior to the current semester at one or more Regental institutions. Congratulations on your outstanding accomplishments!


Kaylin Achen (Aberdeen, S.D.)

Martha Angulo (Aberdeen, S.D.)

Alexandria Arndt (Aberdeen, S.D.)

Jessica Artz (Hoven, S.D.)

Brenden Baxter (Rochester, M.N.)

Anyela Betancur (West Orange, N.J.)

Brookelyn Beyers (Aberdeen, S.D.)

Evan Bomesberger (Aberdeen, S.D.)

Ashlynn Bortz (Watertown, S.D.)

Jessica Brockhoft (Huron, S.D.)

Chevar Carr (Sioux Falls, S.D.)

Michael Chevalier (Sioux Falls, S.D.)

Erin Christofferson (Aberdeen, S.D.)

Zechariah Clemens (Northville, S.D.)

Clifford Clothier (Aberdeen, S.D.)

Amanda Dohman (Aberdeen, S.D.)

Brandi Eckert (Fort Pierre, S.D.)

Samantha Fletcher (Aberdeen, S.D.)

Katelyn Geditz (Ipswich, S.D.)

Joshua Hellwig (Aberdeen, S.D.)

Tucker Hermans (Aberdeen, S.D.)

Jordan Hermansen (Aberdeen, S.D.)

Alyssa Hintz (Aberdeen, S.D.)

Thet Hlaing (Huron, S.D.)

McKenzie Hochhalter (Wolsey, S.D.)

Braxton Hoffman (Sioux Falls, S.D.)

Alexia Hoven (Aberdeen, S.D.)

Saw Joe (Aberdeen, S.D.)

Nathaniel Johnson (Aberdeen, S.D.)

Anya Jones (Belle Fourche, S.D.)

Brandon Kannas (Aberdeen, S.D.)

John Kemner (Tea, S.D.)

Michelle Knecht (Selby, S.D.)

Kelly Kraft (Redfield, S.D.)

Madison Langlie (Fargo, N.D.)

Makenna Larson (Chester, S.D.)

Hailee Like (Pierre, S.D.)

Rebecca Loehrer (Milbank, S.D.)

Antony Martinez (Aberdeen, S.D.)

Pamela Mettler (Aberdeen, S.D.)

Jackson Meyer (Watertown, M.N.)

Craig Moore (Webster, S.D.)

Kelsee Nash (Faulkton, S.D.)

Allie Neu (Ortonville, M.N.)

Isaac Olson (Pelican Rapids, M.N.)

Nathan Palmer (Aberdeen, S.D.)

Dawson Pfister (Aberdeen, S.D.)

Skylar Pike (Aberdeen, S.D.)

Amanda Pupo (Aberdeen, S.D.)

Summer Roelke (Beresford, S.D.)

Wah Ku Say (Huron, S.D.)

Moo Mu Say (Huron, S.D.)

Grace Schatz (Sioux Falls, S.D.)

Hailey Sharp (Aberdeen, S.D.)

Elly Smith (Centennial, Colo.)

Jeremy Sommer (Brandon, S.D.)

Taylor Speidel (Aberdeen, S.D.)

Amanda Svensen (Aberdeen, S.D.)

Emily Thorson (Mina, S.D.)

Delanie Tschakert (Watertown, S.D.)

Georgy Turner (Gauteng, Gauteng, South Africa)

Angela Vetter (Warner, S.D.)

Madelyn Westby (Aberdeen, S.D.)

Danielle Wright (Hitchcock, S.D.)Spring 2024 Academic Recognition ListSpring 2024 Academic Recognition List