Accounting Minor (available online)

An accounting minor will help you develop the critical thinking and analytical skills needed to manage financial transactions and prepare financial reports.


Teaching and Learning M.S.Ed. Degree (Online)

Our online master's in teaching and learning program addresses teachers’ roles as mentors, curriculum specialists, instructional coaches and catalysts for change.

Courses focus on:

  • Learner development
  • Research-based curriculum and instruction
  • Strategies for meeting the needs of diverse learners, and
  • Teaching and learning with digital technology

Students must pass written and oral examinations before graduating. 


General Studies Bachelor's Degree (Online)

Northern's General Studies bachelor's degree, offered online and on campus, is an option for you if you've earned a significant number of credits toward a degree, but wish to change your program of study. To pursue a BGS degree, you must have a 2.0 GPA.


The BGS program is flexible - you might say it allows you to design your own degree. The program delivers the academic expertise required for a broad range of occupations, while allowing you to follow your passion.

Leadership and Administration M.S.Ed. Degree (Online)

Northern’s Masters of Science in Education in Leadership and Administration is a flexible and affordable degree that is entirely online and will develop your leadership abilities. It's a state-approved program for principal preparation, complying with SDCL 24:53:08:02.  Through Northern’s master’s in Leadership and Administration, candidates gain the content, pedagogical, and professional knowledge and skills - identified in National Educational Leadership Preparation (NELP) building-level standards - to serve as a principal at the P-12 level.

Banking and Financial Services Master's Degree (Online)

In Northern’s entirely online Master of Science in Banking and Financial Services program, you’ll study the business of banking. You’ll learn how bankers best serve customers’ financial needs through business performance evaluations. You’ll also study the inner workings of banking and financial institutions, and the economic environment in which they operate.


Graduates are prepared for careers in all aspects of the financial services industry: commercial banking, insurance, credit unions, investments, regulation and consumer finance.


Marketing Bachelor's Degree (Online)

With NSU’s marketing major, offered online and on campus, you’ll gain an edge by learning to stay on top of trends and technology; and how social media, search, video, and analytics work in the marketing mix.


As an NSU marketing student, you’ll develop and polish skills in interpersonal communication, writing, critical thinking, analytics, project management, creativity and expression, negotiation, and technology. You’ll also master product, distribution, pricing, promotional activity and managing customer relationships.


Management Bachelor's Degree (Online)

A management bachelor's degree from Northern will prepare you to lead, problem-solve, plan, evaluate, advise, and organize within the dynamic profession of business management.


Northern offers four business management emphases to help you achieve your personal career goals:



In this emphasis, you’ll learn business plan writing and product/service development, and encounter innovation opportunities. Courses include Small Business Management, Sustainability in Business, and Entrepreneurship II.

International Business Bachelor's Degree (Online)

A Northern international business bachelor's degree graduate is prepared to lead, problem-solve, plan, evaluate, advise and organize in a global setting. In this program, you’ll take courses that will develop your understanding of diverse human values, motivations and relations.


International business students gain unique experiences through Northern's study abroad opportunities. Combined with our foreign language requirement and core coursework, you’ll acquire an appreciation for foreign cultures and learn how to interact and succeed in multinational business operations.

Business Administration Bachelor's Degree (Online)

Northern's flexible bachelor's degree in business administration - offered both online and on campus - allows you to choose classes that personalize your studies to fit your needs and interests.


In this broad-based business major, you’ll learn the fundamentals of:

  • Accounting
  • Business law
  • Finance
  • Information systems
  • Management
  • Marketing

You’ll also gain a basic understanding of how organizations work – and how to unleash your potential to make them successful. 


Banking and Financial Services Degree (Online)

Offered on campus and online, Northern's banking and financial services degree program has the strong support of area professionals who provide internships and part-time work for our banking and financial services students; employ NSU graduates; and serve on the NSU Bank Advisory Board.


Our faculty have extensive experience in money center and community commercial banking organizations - and expertise in lending, bank operations, bank management, investments, financial planning, trust operations, law, and bank regulation.