South Dakota Advantage


New incoming freshman and transfer students from Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming are eligible for South Dakota in-state tuition rates.


Graduate students attending on campus from Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming who earned their undergraduate degree from a South Dakota public university are eligible for South Dakota in-state tuition rates.



The reciprocity agreement between South Dakota and Minnesota is not being renewed for the academic year 2024-25. For students currently enrolled under the existing reciprocity agreement, the process for setting reciprocal rates will remain in effect as you work towards completing your degree(s).


Children of Alumni

To request the Children of Alumni tuition rate, please complete this form


The Children of Alumni rate for first-time, full-time nonresident freshmen and transfer students to South Dakota who have at least one parent or legal guardian who earned a degree from Northern State University. Qualifying students will receive tuition and fees at the in-state rate. The application for admission includes screening questions for this special rate. 


Eligible are first-time, full-time freshmen and transfer undergraduate applicants - with at least one parent or legal guardian who earned a degree from Northern State University - who meet all admission criteria.

      Award Amount

Eligible applicants will be allowed to attend Northern at the in-state tuition and fee rate (an award equivalent to the difference between in-state and out-of-state costs; approximately $3,000 per year).


Effective summer 2023, the in-state tuition rate is available to South Dakota public university alumni (attending on campus) whose parents graduated from Northern State University.


Veterans and Active-Duty Military Stationed in South Dakota

Undergraduate and Graduate

Veterans who have established a permanent residence in South Dakota shall be granted resident status and are not subject to the 12-month residency requirement.

Any person who is actively serving in the armed forces of the United States and is stationed in South Dakota will be classified as a resident for tuition purposes. This also applies to the spouse of the active-duty personnel.


Graduate Students Only

Graduate Student Assistantships

Northern State University awards a limited number of graduate assistantships annually. Graduate Assistantships are awarded to departments, programs, and faculty based on submitted requests. Appointed graduate assistant supervisors (GA supervisors) hire graduate students for graduate assistantship positions. Graduate Assistants receive financial support through reduced tuition and monthly monetary compensation. The reduced tuition is effective throughout the academic year, including fall, spring, and summer terms, provided the student maintains a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher. 


Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP)

The WRGP reciprocity agreement allows students who are residents of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wyoming to attend at the resident rate regardless of where their undergraduate degree was earned.

  • Rate applies after completion of a bachelor's degree
  • Rate does not apply to distance courses


National Guard Tuition Assistance

National Guard members who qualify under SDCL 33-6-7 and who present a valid application for South Dakota National Guard Tuition Assistance, approved by their commanding officer, are entitled to a benefit of 100 percent of the in-state resident tuition. The total federal and state benefit may not exceed 100 percent of the tuition cost or 128 credit hours towards a baccalaureate degree.

Reduced tuition will only be granted when Northern has been provided proper notification before the end of the tenth day of classes. Proper notification is defined as the appropriately completed application form for S.D. National Guard tuition assistance.


Persons 65 Years of Age or Older

The tuition rate for resident students 65 years of age or older during the calendar year in which they are enrolled shall be 55 percent of the resident tuition, on a space available basis. Learn more at Reduced Tuition for S.D. Seniors.


SD State Employee

State employees that meet certain criteria are eligible for a reduced tuition rate for a maximum of six credit hours per semester. Employees may contact NSU Human Resources for more information.


SD Teacher Certification

Certain certified (K-12) teachers, school counselors, head start teachers, or certified educators who qualify under SDCL 13-55-23 through 13-55-28 are entitled to a tuition reduction for a maximum of six credit hours per academic year.



Online Courses

Online courses are assessed the self-support tuition rate. Tuition is the same for residents and nonresidents. The general activity fee and program fees are not assessed to distance courses.