It's never too late to unleash your potential at Northern!

If you're a South Dakota resident 65 or older, you can receive a 45 percent discount on tuition!

  • Take on-campus undergraduate or graduate classes
  • Choose a major or take a single class
  • No separate application needed for the reduced rate


Meet new people

Through your classes and everyday interactions on Northern’s bustling college campus, you’ll see an array of friendly new faces—and even form lasting friendships.


Challenge yourself

The critical thinking, communication and problem-solving skills you’ll put into action in your Northern courses will stimulate your mind and challenge you in new, exciting ways.


Pick up a new skill

Have you always wanted to learn a new language, understand more about history, or develop a greater appreciation for music? Taking courses at Northern provides the perfect opportunity!


Explore the world

Through NSU Study Abroad’s faculty-led travel programs, you’ll learn about a new part of the world - then visit there with the safety and fellowship of a group of classmates and professors.



You qualify if:

  • You are a South Dakota resident
  • You are at least 65, or will celebrate your 65th birthday during the calendar year you're enrolled


Choose a class or major


Next Steps

  • If you'd like to earn a bachelor's degree, complete the Undergraduate Application 
  • If you'd like to earn a master's degree, complete the Graduate Application
  • If you're enrolling in one or more classes, but not seeking a degree, complete the Non-Degree-Seeking Application

All applications are available at Apply to Northern.



  • This reduction in assessment of cost applies only to tuition, not to fees
  • Courses of interest must entail face-to-face instruction provided on a main university campus. Courses that are offered at learning centers or other off-campus locations and those that entail distance learning are not included in this program. 







"I encourage anyone, regardless of age, that if they have an inclination to continue or complete some aspect of their education and gain knowledge … do NOT ever think of yourself as being too old. Just do it!"


— Jim Kurkowski, 2018 Northern graduate




Read Jim's Story




For more information or assistance, please contact Ronald Brownie:

Ronald Brownie

Ronald Brownie