How do I apply for dual credit?

There are two ways to register for high school dual credit courses, depending on your prior participation in HSDC.

Method #1: Online Application

Use this method if you are:

  • A first-time HSDC student
  • A student who has previously participated in HSDC, but took the most recent semester off (applies to fall and spring only, does not apply for year-long classes)
  • A student who has previously participated in HSDC, but withdrew from all of your courses during the previous semester (applies to fall and spring only).

Students planning to register for courses at more than one university will indicate all universities they wish to take courses from when course information is filled out on the application. Students are limited to ONE online application in the application system. Students wishing to make changes to their courses after they submit their application may use the Add/Drop/Withdraw Form and submit it to the appropriate university or universities.

Apply online through the South Dakota Board of Regents.

Method #2: Continuing Registration Form

Use this method if you are:

  • A student who has previously participated in HSDC and who has been continuously enrolled since starting the program. *Note: a yearlong course counts as continuous enrollment even if no other spring classes are taken

The Continuing Registration form is a time-saving form that includes only the basic information needed from students who have already participated in HSDC and who are currently in the BOR’s student information system. If a student has not been continuously enrolled in all Fall and Spring semesters since starting the program, their record has been inactivated and they would need to fill out the online application above to get it reactivated. This form includes the signature page for students, parents, and school officials to sign electronically via Docusign, as well as the financial terms and conditions form, which is standard for all BOR students.

Apply online through Northern State University.


What’s Next?

Once you have completed the online application or continuing registration form, submit supplemental application materials:

  • Signature Page form signed by student, parent or guardian, and a school official. For those doing the online/BOR application, this form will be available to print after the online application is submitted when you click on the “Finalize Your Application” link. You will also be emailed a link to a Docusign signature page that can be filled out in lieu of the printed one.
    • Students who filled out the Continuing Registration form have already completed this step.
  • High school transcript
  • ACT/SAT score report (if taken)*

*Registration for math will require placement via Math Index Score (ACT & GPA formula), Accuplacer, or Smarter Balanced. Registration for English will require placement via ACT/SAT subscore, Accuplacer, or Smarter Balanced. See BOR AAC Guideline 2.2.1A for more information.

Math Index Score Calculator

Students that have a HS GPA will have their placement determined via the Challenge Index. The HS GPA must be 2.861 or higher for the student to potentially have a Challenge Index of 1150 (the minimum index needed for MATH 114) or higher. If a student has Next Gen Accuplacer scores, use the "Challenge Index - Next Gen" sheet to calculate the student's challenge index and corresponding math placement.