Equip and enrich the artists of tomorrow with an art education degree from NSU.

In the NSU art education program, you’ll learn advanced visual design skills and use traditional studio media and tools, within the enriching context of a liberal arts curriculum. Graduates are prepared to enter the art field as professional K-12 teachers or to attend graduate school.


In NSU’s studio and lab classrooms, you’ll receive broad exposure to art history, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, photography, painting, drawing, design and mixed media.


All classes are taught by professors and instructors - not graduate students – and our art facilities feature modern safety and health upgrades.


All graduates of this degree program are required to maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA within the major. Students must successfully complete a rigorous senior capstone experience comprising a written thesis, solo exhibition of artwork, and development of an artist's statement of purpose and resumé.



NSU art education graduates are set to find employment with public and private schools of all kinds. However, career paths are varied and plentiful. Perhaps more than graduates in any other major, art students are trained in entrepreneurial thinking as self-starters, problem solvers and innovators. Other options include self-employment as professional artists and designers, employment with public and private galleries and museums employment, web-based sales and promotion, and teaching for colleges and community centers.


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All art education majors gain essential hand-on experience during the required junior field teaching experience and classroom teaching practicums with local and regional school districts.



The art department offers a variety of competitive, merit-based awards. Scholarship assistance requires strong academic performance, minimum GPA of 3.0, and demonstrated potential for academic and career success. Scholarships also are available for minority students and students who excel in specific art disciplines or media.


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Art Education (BSEd) Course Requirements and Student Learning Outcomes


Plan of Study

Art Education (BSEd) Plan of Study