Secondary Education Bachelor's

NSU’s broad-based, balanced secondary education programs lay the groundwork to help you flourish as an outstanding educator and effective leader in today’s diverse classrooms.

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Secondary Education Bachelor's

NSU secondary education bachelor's degree graduates are in high demand in South Dakota schools and throughout the U.S.


NSU provides hands-on, effective teacher preparation that includes extensive experience in actual secondary classrooms.


A major area of study is required if you plan to apply to teach secondary school in South Dakota, and NSU is ready with options to suit your interests and career goals. Choose from the following education areas: art, biology, chemistry, language arts/English, history, mathematics, music, physical education, Spanish and special education.


As a secondary education student, you’ll examine:

  • Classroom diversity
  • Creating lessons according to state and national content standards
  • Actively involving students in their learning environments

You’ll also have the unique opportunity to provide reading and writing instruction to secondary students through the distinguished NSU Reading Clinic.




NSU’s B.S. in secondary education programs provide the necessary framework for an entry-level career in teaching. Graduates can pursue careers as middle or high school teachers or paraprofessionals, or apply to graduate school.


NSU offers academic advising throughout your college experience, as well as focused career planning. For more information on careers in your major or help choosing a major, contact the NSU Career Center.


Students gain valuable hands-on experience during their secondary block and student teaching semesters. NSU’s extensive field experiences, under the supervision of university faculty, give you the practical experience and assistance you need to apply your newly gained knowledge in the secondary classroom.


School of Education scholarships are available to incoming freshmen and upperclassmen. For details, please call the School of Education at 605-626-2415.


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