The ability to communicate effectively in another language and to function within and fully appreciate a different culture is of critical importance in today's society and the global economy. Northern’s language courses concentrate on real-world, practical application.

Knowledge of Chinese, French, German, and Spanish language, culture, history, and literature sharpens your skills in critical thinking, creativity, and communication - skills necessary for success in most any career pursuit, regardless of major.

A majority of employers in all career fields seek applicants who speak more than one language and who are knowledgeable in the intricacies of multiple cultures.

Northern offers courses in Chinese, French, German, and Spanish. We offer a Spanish major as well as minors in Chinese and Spanish. We also offer certificates (undergraduate and graduate) in Germans from Russia Studies and in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). 



Now, Northern is offering an online dual-degree option that will allow you to obtain both an international business degree and a Spanish degree in only four years! Having a business background along with Spanish language skills will prepare you for careers in a variety of national and international workplace settings. Learn more about this new online option!

​​​​​Northern also offers a popular four-week study-abroad opportunity to take intensive Spanish courses in Santiago, Chile.


The prefix for all of Northern’s German classes has changed to GLAN (Global Language). When searching for German classes on the Northern State University website or in Banner, please use the GLAN prefix.


Languages Course Rotation 2023-2027

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Spanish (BA) Major

Spanish-International Business (BA) Dual Major



Chinese Certificate

Germans From Russia Studies Certificate (undergraduate and graduate)

TESOL Certificate (undergraduate and graduate)


Major Course Requirements

Spanish (BA) Major

Spanish Education (BSEd) Major


Minor Course Requirements

Chinese Minor

Spanish Minor