Headshot of Dr. Keun Lee

ABERDEEN, S.D. – After 10 years of writing in between classes, Dr. Keun Lee has published his first book, “The Economics of Keynes and Uncertainty in Theory.”

Lee, professor of economics, got the idea for the book from his class on macroeconomics.

“Over the years I’ve been teaching this course, I realized that what we teach in class is not what John Maynard Keynes wrote in his book, ‘The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money,’” said Lee. “I was hoping someone would write a book about the difference between what we teach and what Keynes actually said. No one did that. I eventually decided to write one myself.”

Readers won’t necessarily need a background in economics to understand the book, Lee said. The first few chapters give a history of the development of economic ideas and how it’s evolved. From there, Lee dives deeper into Keynesian economics.

His book won’t be used in any of his classes, but it would be great for any student looking to explore Keynesian economics further than they do in class, Lee said.

Compared with the writing process, finding a publisher was quick, said Lee. It only took Lee about six months to find a publisher interested in his book–Cambridge Scholars Publishing. He said it helped that the publishers responded so quickly as to whether they were interested or not.

The original manuscript was 1,000 pages. Cambridge Scholars Publishing was unwilling to print such a long book, and asked if the book could be split in two or cut down. Lee decided to split the book in two. Both books are considered standalone novels. Readers won’t necessarily need to read one to understand the other, Lee said.

The second part of the duology still needs work, but could be published yet this year, said Lee. In order to for the book to make sense alone, he needs to add a beginning.

There might be a different publisher for the second book, as well. Macmillan expressed interest in the second book, said Lee.

Currently, “The Economics of Keynes and Uncertainty in Theory” is available for purchase through Amazon and Cambridge Scholars.

Cover of Dr. Lee's book