NSU spring 2017 graduates walking

ABERDEEN, S.D. – On Saturday, May 5, 310 students will graduate from Northern State University at its 2018 spring commencement.

The ceremony begins at 10:30 a.m. in the NSU Barnett Center.

Delivering the commencement address will be 2018 School of Fine Arts Distinguished Alum Chris Maunu. A 2003 graduate of NSU, Maunu is director of choral activities at Arvada West High School in Colorado and was a finalist for the 2018 Music Educator Award at the 60th GRAMMY® Awards.

Saturday’s student speaker will be 2017-18 NSU Student Association President Brooke Thielbar.

For more information and a link to the livestream, visit the NSU Commencement webpage.

A list of graduates, including hometowns, is below:



Lindsay R. Aman (Management)      

Zachary R. Anderson (Banking and Financial Services)     

Katie E. Appl (Music – Vocal/Instrumental) ***

Mikayla M. Arechigo (Leadership and Administration)     

Garrid S. Baldwin (Political Science)

Heather L. Baldwin (Psychology/Sociology/Applied Gerontology)     

Mikayla R. Bartels (Banking and Financial Services)     

Jonathan T. Berger (Management)

Kevin R. Birkla (Psychology)     

Christopher Wayne Brooks (Biology) *            

Lindsey Rochelle Brooks (Finance)     

Theresa K. Bowden (Counseling)     

Alison J. Byrd (Organismal Biology/Environmental Science)

Jacob Carrico (Management)

Susan M. Casper (Teaching and Learning)         

Amanda J. Clemen (Management)     

Caitlin J. Cole (Biology)

Tar Dah (Banking & Financial Services)

Cindy A. Dikoume (Communication Studies)    

Desiree A. Dore (Business Administration) 

Emily A. Fesler (Art)          

Brynn A. Flakus (Biology)

Adeline R. Fleming (Management)

Timothy J. Fleming (Educational Studies)     

Zachary J. Fleming (Chemistry/Biology) **     

Chelsea Fryer (Sociology)  

Eric J. Gerber, IV (Clinical Mental Health Counseling)

Hayley Marie Gibson (History)     

Michelle L. Glaser (Psychology)    

Heather Glover (Elementary Education)           

Kelsey M. Hannigan (Physical Education)    

Breanna Hauge (Elementary Education) **

Miranda Grace Haugen (Teaching and Learning)

Chad M. Hay (Professional Accountancy)

Kevin D. Heilman (Chemistry)   

Seleucia C. Heintzman (English)     

Michael N. Hepola (General Studies)     

Suzanne Esther Higgins (Management Information Systems)     

Kurt J. Holinka (Educational Studies)     

Sean R. Hopfinger (Professional Accountancy)     

Camila Shinoka De Sousa Hyke (Music)     

Jo Ann M. Jernberg (Public History)     

Brandon D. Kolb (Allied Health)

Brianna L. Kuckelburg (Management) *

Darian Nicole Leschewski (Sport Marketing and Administration)

Beth Ann Lopes (Educational Studies)

Lucas A. Lorenz (Finance) *     

Cody D. Martens (Communication Studies) **     

Adam J. McFarland (Sport Performance/Leadership)

Kelli A. Meister (Teaching and Learning)     

Shahara Caladiao Meridha (Biotechnology)     

Monte S. Meyerink (Educational Studies)     

Andrea N. Morehouse (Elementary Education) *

David W. Murphy (Human Performance and Fitness)

Zachary Neer (Sport Performance/Leadership)     

Erin M. Ochsner (Finance)    

Nolan Parks (Sport Performance/Leadership)      

Greyson K. Phillips (Human Performance and Fitness)

Kristen I. Prosper (International Business/Spanish) *    

Ronald D. Reff (Educational Studies)

Christina R. Reid (Teaching and Learning)   

Kaitlin M. Rentz (Elementary Education) **     

Tara M. Rook (Human Performance & Fitness) **     

Christen A. Salfrank (Teaching and Learning)  

Jonathan F. Schwab (Professional Accountancy) ***   

Kory J. Schwan(Management) *     

Tiana Schumacher (Elementary Education)     

Courtney Scott (Business Administration)

Tonya M. Senger (Teaching and Learning)    

Daniel Severson (Sport Performance/Leadership)    

Hallie Elizabeth Shea (Sociology)  

Zachery Six (Sport Marketing & Administration)     

Theresa A. Smallman (Teaching and Learning)     

Noelle M. Stubbe (Music – Instrumental) **    

Hannah Swanson (Sociology)     

Amanda Tobin (Elementary Education)*

Danielle Thooft (Teaching and Learning)     

Kelci J. Vieseelman (Sport Marketing and Administration)

Megan Vockrodt (Teaching and Learning)     

Katie Vogel (Elementary Education)     

Josh Weig (Business Administration)     

Sienna Wessel (Organismal Biology/Environmental Science/Biology/Biotechnology/Geographic Information Systems) *** ^^^     

Nathan B. Wilson (Music)

Tyler M. Wipf (Management)     

Patrick M. Wolberg (Accounting) 



Katie Hansen (Teaching and Learning)


Belle Fourche:

Dakota E. Barrie (Sport Performance/Leadership)



Joseph A. Kvale (Political Science/Communication Studies)


Black Hawk:

Makayla A. Hunt (Business Administration)

Kris Mitzel (Banking and Financial Services)



Jessica M. Brandt (Special Education)



Melanie L. Kruse (Special Education/Elementary Education) ***



Jenna L. Peters (Leadership and Administration)



Samantha Jean Poss (Professional Accountancy) *           

Bailey J. Rathjen (Banking and Financial Services)     



Mica C. Anson (Banking and Financial Services) ^


Clear Lake:

Hallie Elizabeth Shea (Sociology)



Jeremy J. Wieseler (Teaching and Learning)   


Elk Point:

Maggi Y. Liebetrau (Elementary Education) **


Katherine J. Cosman (Elementary Education) **



Caitlin Beckman (Elementary Education) *

Dane O Campbell (Banking and Financial Services) *     

Brian C. Sumption (Professional Accountancy) *    

Hattie J. Zinter (Elementary Education)


Fort Pierre:

Chris N. Forster (Business Administration)


Garden City:

Jill C. Stern (Marketing)



Chase C. Sievers (Political Science/Sociology) **     

Hayden C. Simon (Marketing/Management)     

Katrina L. Smith (Music – Vocal/Instrumental) **



Abby C. Gibbs (Sociology)

Allerie Jordan Loof (History)



Mitchell Brockhaus (Management) **



Katelyn M. Howard (Special Education/Elementary Education) *



Joellen L. Miller (Management) ***



Kari Jean Eulberg (Teaching and Learning)          



Brailey M. Becker (Marketing/Management)     

Sabrena M. Brooks (Teaching and Learning)

Dana A. Duvall (Sociology)     

Brandi C. Fitzgerald (Teaching and Learning)

Jordon Glanzer (Teaching and Learning)     

Kelly W. Hennrich (Teaching and Learning)     

Elizabeth N. Katz (Biology) *

Tammy M. Lang (Psychology)     

Michelle L. Moeding (Teaching and Learning)     

Rebecca J. Moeding (Teaching and Learning)     

Barbara Jil Nicholas (Teaching and Learning)

Zack S. North (Political Science)

Dustin J. Schmidt (Music)    

Truman M. Savery (Leadership and Administration)     

Sophia Chekaprue Mandan Soe (General Studies)     

Rhonda Lee Yates (General Studies) ^^



Natalie M. Bierman (Elementary Education)


Sierra Brook Bivens (Biotechnology/Biology)



Madison Fischer (Elementary Education) ***      

Jessica J. McClain (Sociology) 



Jennifer J. Englert (Teaching and Learning)    

Teri L. Gerry (Teaching and Learning)          

Marcella M. Hofman (Teaching and Learning)     

Jill R. Kratovil (Teaching and Learning)



Tristen A. Lechner (Teaching and Learning)      

Kelsey J. Scarborough (Leadership and Administration)     


Rachel M. Lynch (English)    



Darin M. Peterka (Finance/Management)



Tanner J. Droog (Banking & Financial Services) *

Dustin Northrup (Management) *

Ashley P. Kleinsasser (Psychology) **



Bryce Roberts (Marketing)



Krista McCorkle (Leadership and Administration)

Allison G. Oxner (Clinical Mental Health/Counseling)     



Ashley M. Clemens (Elementary Education)



Vicki L. Lentz (Teaching and Learning)

Rachael Terese Pederson (Teaching and Learning)



Megan E. Bennett (Banking and Financial Services)     

MaKayla D. Campbell (Business Administration)     

Austin M. Christopherson (Finance)     

Faith Kongslien (Psychology)

Ben T. Leidholt (Finance)     

Cathrine McGinnis (Leadership and Administration)     

Elizabeth M. Raecke (Human Performance & Fitness)         

Olivia M. Waggoner (Accounting/Management)



Alicia A. Kuipers (Mathematics) *


Rapid City:

McKenzie B. Johnson (Counseling/Schools)     

Jaime L. Kessler (Music)     

Kaitlynn E. Loos (English)     



Angela L. Lodmel (Teaching and Learning)     

Lee E. Parish (Sociology)     

Briana Rice (Special Education/Elementary Education) **     

Hayley Schacht (Teaching and Learning)

Tracy L. Schutte (Teaching and Learning)          

Melissa Storley (Teaching and Learning)     

Haley Stover (Elementary Education)     

Emily A. White (Teaching and Learning)


Brandon J. Bacon (Banking and Financial Services)



Mariah L. Hanisch (Biology/Allied Health) *



Hannah J. Edgar (Teaching and Learning)



Heather J. Fuhrmann (Elementary Education) ***


Kayla Jean Secker (Professional Accountancy)    


Sioux Falls:

Zachary R. Aaker (Accounting/Sport Marketing and Administration)    

Ellie R. Beckman (General Studies)     

Rachel L. Court (Teaching and Learning)   

Jeremy L. Dibbert (Banking and Financial Services)

Benjamin Fichter (General Studies)

Erin McFarland (Music)     

Jacob Schweitzer (Professional Accountancy Services) *    

Kayla E. Sproles (International Business) **    

Spencer D. Wahl (Music)  



Trey J. Frederick (Elementary Education)

Brandy Jo DeCoteau-Heminger (Political Science/History) *   

Chelsey M. Lehrke (Mathematics)    

Sarah H. Meland (English)



Luke W. Wietgrefe (Accounting) *



Matthew A. Teel (Banking and Financial Services)



Taylor M. Ellingson (International Business) **^   

Robb Erickson (Teaching and Learning)

Shayna May Lier (Marketing) **  


Timber Lake:

Danny Quinn (Art) ***



Whitney A. Berner (Mathematics) **     

Chandler A. Britzman (Elementary Education) **     

Tanner S. Chilson (Music – Instrumental) ***     

Zachary R. Feil (Sport Performance/Leadership)

Kelsie P. Hills (Management)     

Molly Ann Hirsch (Psychology)     

Lydia C. Hulscher (Elementary Education) *     

Sara E. Kjetland (Mathematics) **     

Alysha D. Martinez (History)     

Ashtin Marie McClemans (Special Education/Elementary Education) **     

Mara A. Perkins (Physical Education) *     

Savannah Breeze Person (Management)



Miranda J. Ristau (Biology) ***

Ellen Alene Weber (Elementary Education) **



James P. Kurkowski (Public History/General Studies)



Whitney Rose Swartz (Teaching and Learning) 



Colton John Augustus Schaefer (Music – Instrumental) **   



Zach B Hortsman (Sport Performance/Leadership)



Leah Jungemann (Teaching and Learning)



Shane D. Gross (Teaching and Learning)



Stephanie M. Anderson (Biology/Allied Health)


Anchorage, Alaska:

Amy Marie Wockenfuss (Organismal Biology/Environmental Science/Biology)


Seward, Alaska:

Tessa K. Adelmann (Elementary Education)


Phoenix, Ariz.:

Raekwon Cache Robinson (Management)


Bakersfield, Calif.:

Louie A. Carlos (Communication Studies)


Castro Valley, Calif.:

Gabriella M. Laimer (International Business) 


Chino, Calif.:

Calvin O. Ellis (Sport Performance/Leadership)   


La Mirada, Calif.:

Nicole Griffith (General Studies)     


Palo Cedro, Calif.:

Colton W. Landreth (Political Science) *


Santa Rosa, Calif.:

Cameron L. Eisenhauer (Sports Marketing & Administration)


Tehachapi, Calif.:

Justin D. Sweet (Accounting)


West Covina, Calif.:

Carly Noelle Casillas (Psychology)     


Miami, Fla.:

Bernice Meristil (Environmental Science/Biology/Geographic Information Systems)


Orlando, Fla.:

Michaela J. Liebl (Business Administration) *


Palatine, Ill.:

Lorena Sarabia (Human Performance and Fitness)


Underwood, Iowa:

Katelynn R. Dilts (Arts Administration/Art)


Olathe, Kan.:

Danny Jay Kaul (Music)     


Alexandria, Minn.:

Logan M. Doyle (Finance)              

Patrick J. Leary (Environmental Science; Biology; Biotechnology)


Anoka, Minn.:

Katherine Springer (Biology/Biotechnology)


Apple Valley, Minn.:

Kathryn M. Uittenbogaard (Elementary Education) *


Barnesville, Minn.:

Holly E. Vancura (History) ***


Brooklyn Park, Minn.:

Seth R. Sullwold (Sport Marketing and Administration)


Browns Valley, Minn.:

Nyssa C. Duffield (Music – Instrumental) ***


Detroit Lakes, Minn.:

Alexis Martina Tappe (Human Performance and Fitness/Physical Education) **


Dilworth, Minn.:

Isaiah Greene (Biology) *


Farwell, Minn.:

Zac Bartolomeo (Physical Education)


Fergus Falls, Minn.:

Clay M. Danielson (Human Performance and Fitness/Biology) *          


Lakeville, Minn.:

Ethan Bakken (Sport Performance/Leadership)     


Lino Lakes, Minn.:

Jillian G. Conrad (Biology)     


Maple Grove, Minn.:

Annika M. van Oosbree (English/Biology) ***


Marshall, Minn.:

Austin N. Nath (Sociology)


Minneota, Minn.:

Doris M. Konold (Elementary Education) *


Morris, Minn.:

DaVonte' Kiara Evangline Robertson (Special Education/Elementary Education)


Northfield, Minn.:

Mary E. Kelvie (Teaching and Learning)


Prior Lake, Minn.:

Mackenzie Rose Thielen (International Business) **


Ortonville, Minn.:

Angela N. Skinner (Psychology) *


Ostrander, Minn.:     

Antony T. Becker (Management)     


Ramsay, Minn.:

Lindsey A. Gast (Biology) **


Rochester, Minn.:

Carter Jackson Evans (Business Administration)     

Matt J. Stubbs (Human Performance & Fitness)


St. Louis Park, Minn.:

Donald Pollard Jr. (Psychology/Biology) ***


Thief River Falls, Minn.:

Nicholas W. Hoffard (Organismal Biology/Environmental Science/Biology)


White Bear Lake, Minn.:

Nicholas J. Truen (Management)


Willmar, Minn.:

Miranda R. Roelofs (Sociology)


Zimmerman, Minn.:

Justine Lylian Charles (Sociology/German)


Saint Joseph, Mo.:

Lindsey K. Partridge (Sport Performance/Leadership)


Baker, Mont.:

Jill K. Whiteman (Music)


Billings, Mont.:

Taven V. Morrison (Accounting)


Bozeman, Mont.: 

Mike S. Severson (Sociology)


Laurel, Mont.:

Evan N. Jones (Sport Marketing and Administration)            


Balfour, N.D.:

Haley Marie Duchsherer (Psychology/Sociology) ** 


Beulah, N.D.:

Amber M. Entzel (Counseling/Schools)


Bismarck, N.D.:

Kara L. Wetzel (Sport Performance/Leadership)


Bowman, N.D.:
Harrison W. Homelvig (Music/Communication Studies)


Cooperstown, N.D.:

Lauren K. Williams Ressler (Leadership and Administration)


Dickinson, N.D.:

Lara C. Carlson McGoey (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages)


Edgeley, N.D.:

Tin W. Cheong (Management)     


Ellendale, N.D.:

Steven Daniel Shumaker (Sport Marketing and Administration)     


Fort Yates, N.D.:

Brooke Lynn Smith (Marketing)     


Gladstone, N.D.:

Stormie Sickler (Sport Performance/Leadership)


Hillsboro, N.D.:

Katie M. Knudson (Psychology)


Mandan, N.D.:

Jewel LeRae Enget (Business Administration)


Mott, N.D.:

Brian J. Olson (Leadership and Administration)


New Salem, N.D.:

Katelyn R. Weiss (Accounting) *


Oakes, N.D.:

Cody J. Voegeli (Elementary Education)


Wahpeton, N.D.:

Mikayla G. Braun (Management/International Business) ***

Austin W. Metzen (General Studies)


Westhope, N.D.:

Joanna M. Grann (Counseling/Schools)


Atkinson, Neb.:

Marcus Marcellus (Biology) *


Lincoln, Neb.:

Presley Mittelstadt (General Studies)


Wahoo, Neb.:

Carly Jo Brousek (English) **


Henderson, Nev.:

Katherine G. Dawson (Psychology) **


Sparks, Nev.:

Thomas Sertic (Business Administration) **


Robbinsville, N.J.:

Tyler R. Bowen (Management)


Vineland, N.J.:

Dayanna Castro-Bautista (Communication Studies)


San Antonio, Texas:

Christopher M. Gonzales (Psychology)     

Easton G. Lopez (Management Information Systems)


Moses Lake, Wash.:

Chase M. Tunstall (Business Administration)


Spokane, Wash.:

Gage C. Rayman (Psychology)


Vancouver, Wash.:

Jeffrey M. Rideout (Sociology)


Hortonville. Wis.:

Kolin T. Kubitz (Biology) **     


Ladysmith, Wis.:

Jamie L. Nelson (Human Performance and Fitness)            


Seymour, Wis.:

Nathaniel D. Zeise (Human Performance and Fitness)


Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina:

Leandro Martin Fernandez Moutin (Music)


Nassau, Bahamas:

Trevez J. Bridgewater (Marketing/International Business)


Lakshmipur, Bangladesh:

Ibna Rimon (Accounting)


Cochabamba, Bolivia:

Paulo Daniel Jimenez (Music – Instrumental) **


Nanjing, China:

Xin Wang (Educational Studies)


Radford, Coventry, England:

Adwoa A. Street (Counseling/Schools)


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia:

Thomas B. Haile (Biology/Allied Health) **


Chai Wan, Hong Kong:

Ka Chun Kwan (Management Information Systems)


Hiroshima, Japan:

Mikiko Tahara (International Business)


Vacoas, Mauritius:

Andy R. Brelu-Brelu (Biology) **


Jeddah City, Saudi Arabia:

Ahmed Abdulaziz B. Kamal (Medical Laboratory Science) 


Qutif, Saudi Arabia:

Mahmoud S. Alabbas (Chemistry)


Pretoria, South Africa:

Cindy A. Dikoume (Communication Studies)     


Inceheon, South Korea:

Mina Jeong (Chemistry/Biology/Allied Health)


Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

Pedram Homayounpour (Biology) **


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam:

Vinh X. Nguyen (Finance) *   


***Candidate for Summa Cum Laude


  **Candidate for Magna Cum Laude


    *Candidate for Cum Laude


^^^Candidate for Highest Honor


  ^^Candidate for High Honor


    ^Candidate for Honor


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