Grad caps from behind at commencement

ABERDEEN, S.D. – U.S. Sen. Mike Rounds will deliver the spring commencement address on Saturday, May 7, at Northern State University. 

A lifelong South Dakotan, Rounds has served in the United States Senate since 2015. Previously, Rounds served as the 31st governor of South Dakota (2003-2011) and was elected five times to the S.D. State Senate, including six years as Senate Majority Leader. 

On May 7, 281 students will graduate at Northern’s commencement ceremony, which begins at 10:30 a.m. in the Barnett Center. The event will be live streamed through the NSU Facebook page, the NSU Graduation and Commencement page, and locally through cable channel 12.

Commencement week events also include a cording ceremony for military and veteran students, a feathering ceremony for Native American students, and a reception for Honors Program students.

NSU spring graduates are listed below, grouped alphabetically by city and state:



Arshon Willis, Alabaster (B.S. Psychology)



Lauryn Bos, Queen Creek (B.S.Ed. Special Education)

Zane Hunt, San Tan Valley (M.S.Ed. Sport Performance and Leadership)



Jessica Saler, Calistoga (B.A. Spanish)



Austin Shults, Colorado Springs (Master of Music Education)

Mitchell Webster, Longmont (M.S.Ed. Educational Studies)

David Opheim, Parker (B.A. Communication Studies)

Abigail Crouch, Parker (B.A. Sociology)



Katherine Roche, Clermont (M.S.Ed. Sport Marketing and Administration)

Richard Kamara, Daytona Beach (B.A. Criminal Justice)



Shayna Asuncion, Ewa Beach (B.S. Human Performance)



Conner Klostermann, Dyersville (M.S.Ed. Sport Performance and Leadership)

Kolton Roth, Graettinger (B.S.Ed. Physical Education)*

Megan Mooberry, Osage (B.S. in Honoribus Biology, Chemistry; Allied Health Certificate) ***

Brad Cook, Urbandale (Master of Music Education)

Jim Novak, Urbandale (Master of Music Education)

Jennifer Walter, Windsor Heights (Master of Music Education)



Lindsey Cook, Rockland (Master of Music Education)



Jordyn Sterud, Appleton (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)*

Makenna Steffel, Bird Island (B.S. in Honoribus Biology)***

Isaiah Nolan, Blaine (B.S. Human Performance; Sport Marketing and Administration)

Lauren Johnson, Breckenridge (B.S. Accounting)

Payton Eue, Champlin (B.S. Marketing)*

Katrina Bowers, Champlin (Biology)*

Bryanna Goar, Champlin (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)**

Michelle Warnke, Chaska (Master of Music Education)

Chantelle Danderand, Cloquet (Master of Music Education)

Ashleen Larter, Cottage Grove (B.S.Ed. Special Education)**

Carson Haugrud, Erhard (B.S.Ed. Physical Education) *

Allison Wahlgren, Fergus Falls (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)**

Tanner Wiese, Forest Lake (B.S. Management)

Jake Oliphant, Lake Park (B.A. Criminal Justice; Sociology)**

Brooke Thielbar, Luverne (Master of Music Education)

Emily Schumacher, Mankato (B.S. Biology; Allied Health Certificate)**

Ashley Bruzek, Montrose (B.S. Finance; Banking and Financial Services)**

Gabrielle Brandt, Moorhead (M.S.Ed. Educational Studies)

Dalton Foley, New Ulm (M.S.Ed. Sport Performance and Leadership)

Drew Talberg, Oak Park (B.S. in Honoribus Biology; A.S. Biotechnology)**^^

Sarah Jae Arndt, Ortonville (B.S.Ed. Social Science)**

Jacob Rohrer, Plymouth (B.A. International Business)*

Makayla Jenniges, Redwood Falls (B.A. Criminal Justice; Sociology)

Jennifer Clark, Rochester (B.A. Art: Graphic Design)**

Michael Stubbs, Rochester (B.S. Biology, Chemistry; Allied Health Certificate)*

Jordan Belka, Rogers (B.S. Accounting; Finance)***

Jared Deuitch, Saint Paul (M.S.Ed. Sport Performance and Leadership)

Brandon Dorshak, Savage (B.S. Accounting)

Blake Peterson, Willmar (B.S. Biology)*



Michael Loyola, Independence (M.S. Banking and Financial Services)



Paige Zeeck, Billings (Master of Music Education)



Lane Hanson, Adrian (B.A. Government; Criminal Justice)*

Evan Meiers, Berthold (Master of Music Education)

Adam DeBoer, Bismarck (B.S.Ed. Special Education)

Eva Graf, Bismarck (B.A. Sociology: Human Services)

Patrick Calvillo, Fargo (BME Music Education K-12 Combined)

Morgan Mewes, Jamestown (BME Music Education K-12 Combined)**

Karlie Zacha, Michigan (B.S. Accounting)

Jordan Meyers, Minot (Master of Music Education)



Rachel Baer, Battle Creek (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)



Ariana Gutierrez, Albuquerque (M.S.Ed. Sport Performance and Leadership)



Natalie Trach, Chalfont (Master of Music Education)

Elyse Cuttic, Easton (M.S.Ed. Sport Performance and Leadership)



Nicole Griffith, North Myrtle Beach (M.S.Ed. Educational Studies)



Abigail Arhart, Aberdeen (Bachelor of Music Education K-12 Combined; Arts Administration Certificate)*

Mallory Beckler, Aberdeen (B.A. History)*

Christina Beusch, Aberdeen (B.S. Management)**

Anne Biggins, Aberdeen (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)**

Matthew Bockorny, Aberdeen (B.S.Ed. History)**

Madeline Breidenbach, Aberdeen (BGS General Studies)

Brett Brenton, Aberdeen (BGS General Studies)

Kate Campbell, Aberdeen (M.S.Ed. Counseling: School)

Joni Clark, Aberdeen (M.S.Ed. Counseling: Clinical Mental Health)

Ryan Clay, Aberdeen (A.S. Biotechnology)^^

Cheri Compton, Aberdeen (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Hattie Conklin, Aberdeen (B.S. Biology)

Robert Coyle, Aberdeen (B.S.Ed. Special Education)**

Michelle Dailey, Aberdeen (BFA Art: Studio Art)***

Scott Diede, Aberdeen (B.S. Chemistry: Forensic Science; Chemistry)***

Connor Doran, Aberdeen (B.S. Biology)

Paige Durheim , Aberdeen (B.A. Criminal Justice; Government)***

Annabelle Eastman, Aberdeen (B.A. Music, Criminal Justice)

Payton Eisenbeisz, (B.S. Psychology)***

Grant Farmer, Aberdeen (M.S.Ed. Sport Performance and Leadership)

Michael Fetherhuff, Aberdeen (B.S. Finance)*

Mary Fullmer, Aberdeen (B.A. in Honoribus Sociology)***

Zoey Gab, Aberdeen (B.A. History)**

Brad Gabler, Aberdeen (B.A. International Business)

Shannon Garcia, Aberdeen (BGS General Studies)

Kelsey Gaulrapp, Aberdeen (B.S. Psychology)

Madison Gross, Aberdeen (B.S. Human Performance)

Brady Hamer, Aberdeen (B.A. History)

Zoe Hardwick, Aberdeen (B.S. Sport Marketing and Administration)

Jackson Harrison, Aberdeen (B.S. Biology; A.S. Biotechnology)

Joshua Haverfield, Aberdeen (M.S.Ed. Sport Performance and Leadership)

Brandon Heim, Aberdeen (B.A. English; Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Certificate)

Tyler Hintz, Aberdeen (B.A. Criminal Justice)

Avery Hood, Aberdeen (BFA Art: Digital Media)*

Chase Jacobs, Aberdeen (B.S. Human Performance)*

Stephanie Jay, Aberdeen (B.S.Ed. Special Education)**

Joshua Jensen, Aberdeen (M.S.Ed. Leadership and Administration)

Emilee Johnson, Aberdeen (B.S. Finance)

Zackary Jones, Aberdeen (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)***

Kylie Kassube, Aberdeen (B.S. Banking and Financial Services)

Allison Kimble, Aberdeen (A.A. General Studies)

Samuel King, Aberdeen (B.A. Government)

Jacob Kornmann, Aberdeen (B.S. Sport Marketing and Administration)

Kelsey Kuo, Aberdeen (B.S. Psychology)

Morgan Leidholt, Aberdeen (B.S. Business Administration)

Jakob Lund, Aberdeen (B.A. in Honoribus Sociology)**

Alexander Lynn, Aberdeen (M.S.Ed. Sport Performance and Leadership)

Myah Malchow, Aberdeen (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)*

Joy Marmorstein Stevens, Aberdeen (B.A. English)*

Jessica Martinez-Perez, Aberdeen (B.S. Psychology)

Nolan McLaughlin, Aberdeen (B.S. Biochemistry; A.S. Biotechnology)

Emily Meidinger, Aberdeen (BGS General Studies)

Jordan Menken, Aberdeen (B.S. Biology)**

Alyssa Mielke, Aberdeen (B.S. Human Performance)

Peyton Miller-Dalberg, Aberdeen (B.A. Criminal Justice; Sociology)

Brianna Mueller, Aberdeen (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)***

Brian Omland, Aberdeen (B.A. Theatre)

Christopher Paye, Aberdeen (B.S.Ed. History)

Abbigayle Quinn, Aberdeen (BME Music Education K-12 Combined)***

Cameron Reid, Aberdeen (B.A. Communication Studies)

Sarah Rozell, Aberdeen (M.S.Ed. Counseling: School)

Amber Schanzenbach, Aberdeen (B.S. Accounting)*

Gretchen Schmidt, Aberdeen (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education; Special Education)**

Mary Schmidt, Aberdeen (B.S.Ed. Chemistry)*

Alice Scott, Aberdeen (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)*

Isaac Seaton, Aberdeen (B.A. Music)**

Megan Serr, Aberdeen (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education; Special Education)**

Jessica Sommers, Aberdeen (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)**

Patrick Sowah, Aberdeen (M.S.Ed. Counseling: Clinical Mental Health)

Jonah Stolp, Aberdeen (B.S. Marketing)

Connor Stubbe, Aberdeen (B.S. Psychology)***

Karli Stubbe, Aberdeen (B.S. Management)

Sara Taylor, Aberdeen (A.A. General Studies)

Garret Thompson, Aberdeen (B.S. in Honorius Biology)*

Samuel Tucker , Aberdeen (B.A. History)

Christopher Ulrich, Aberdeen (M.S.Ed. Leadership and Administration)

Dylan Unruh, Aberdeen (Bachelor of Music Education K-12 Instrumental)***

Calli Vearrier, Aberdeen (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Rosemary Vega, Aberdeen (B.A. Music)

Isaiah Vilhauer , Aberdeen (B.S.Ed. Physical Education)*

Erin Walth, Aberdeen (B.S. Psychology)*

Lauren Wilkinson, Aberdeen (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education; Special Education)***

Samantha Chastain, Aberdeen (BGS General Studies)

Rylie Eisenbeisz, Aberdeen (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Amber Thelen, Alexandria (B.S. Marketing)**

Shelly Osthus, Arlington (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Farin Gillissen, Aurora (B.S. Business Administration)***

Christa Koisti, Badger (M.S.Ed. Educational Studies)

Luke Bergjord, Bath (B.A. Music)

Megan Malsam, Bath (B.S. Biology; A.S. Biotechnology)**^^

Jessica Pruitt, Bath (B.S. Accounting)

Livia Wallace, Bath (B.S.Ed. Art Education; Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Certificate)

Tyra Biever, Big Stone City (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)**

Mariah Block, Bowdle (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Lacey Elznic, Brandon (B.A. Criminal Justice)

Tara Currier-Hofer, Bridgewater (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Katie Beck, Brookings (B.S.Ed. Physical Education)

Misty Larson, Chester (M.S.Ed. Leadership and Administration)

Mellissa Smith, Claremont (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Lisa Foreman, Crooks (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Hunter Heinrich, Eureka (A.S. Banking and Financial Services)

Erin Hanson, Faulkton (B.S. Management)

Dylan Mickelson, Faulkton (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Alexandra Schilder, Faulkton (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Amber Williamson, Garretson (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Holland Crocker, Goodwin (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)**

Paula Johnson, Groton (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Hai Ku, Groton (B.A. Sociology)

Trent Kurtz, Groton (B.S.Ed. Physical Education)

Julie Milbrandt, Groton (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Alexandra Schuring, Groton (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Harleigh Stange, Groton (A.A. General Studies)

Lexis Roe, Hazel (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)***

Breanna Fuehrer, Herreid (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)***

Sierra Daugaard, Highmore (B.S.Ed. in Honoribus Elementary Education)***

Bailey Cole, Hitchcock (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)**

Claire Gilbert, Hitchcock (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)**

Leah Hofer, Hitchcock (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Caden Maciejewski, Hot Springs (B.S. Human Performance)

Samantha Stethem, Hoven (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education; Special Education)**

Olivia Becker, Humboldt (B.S. in Honoribus Biology; Allied Health Certificate)**

Emily Caban, Huron (B.S. Biology; Allied Health Certificate)

Lexi Eckmann, Huron (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Benjamin Halbkat, Huron (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Merry Hanson, Huron (A.A. General Studies)

Jesse Iverson, Huron (B.A. Art: Fine Arts)

Kyle Johnson, Huron (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Lar Eh Paw, Huron (A.A. General Studies)

Jacqulyn Pugsley, Huron (B.S. Management)**

Andrew Raml, Huron (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Alyssa Schwartz, Huron (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education; Special Education)**

Christian Small, Huron (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Kelsey Small, Huron (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Stephanie Vanden Hoek, Huron (BFA Art: Digital Media; Arts Administration Certificate)**

Lively Viobenny, Huron (A.A. General Studies)

Randy Wilhelm, Huron (M.S.Ed. Counseling: Clinical Mental Health

Shaunay Jones , Ipswich (B.S. Finance)***

Sarah Scherer, Lead (M.S.Ed. Leadership and Administration)

Abigail Berreth, Leola (B.A. Sociology)*

Laura Haug, Madison (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Jarret Janke, Madison (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Olivia Rud, Madison (B.S. in Honoribus Biology)***

Nicole Troxell, Madison (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Samantha Hicks, Martin (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Katie Sinner, Milbank (M.S.Ed. Special Education)

Sarah Ward, Milbank (B.A. Sociology)

Caleb Deboer, Miller (B.S. Sport Marketing and Administration)*

Kelby Tracy, Miller (B.S. Accounting; Banking and Financial Services)*

Toni Schmidt, Mitchell (M.S. Accounting Analytics)

Emily Wheeler, Mobridge (M.S.Ed. Counseling: School) 

Abagael Kenobbie, Oacoma (M.S. Banking and Financial Services)

Rachel Guthmiller, Onida (B.S. Biology)

Brynne Larvie, Parmelee (B.S. Management Information Systems)

Callie Heath, Pierre (B.S. Banking and Financial Services)

Spencer Sarringar, Pierre (B.S. Finance; Management)*

Catherine Woodmansey, Pierre (Master of Music Education)

Danae Becker, Rapid City (B.A. English)***

Seth Brewer, Rapid City (B.S. Sport Marketing and Administration)

Dante Colicheski, Rapid City (B.S. Biology; Allied Health Certificate)

Amanda Ladwig, Rapid City (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Travis Ladwig, Rapid City (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Rachel Peterson, Rapid City (B.A. English)

Brandon Sharkey, Rapid City (B.S. Business Administration)

Tawnie Williams, Rapid City (B.S. in Honoribus Biology; A.S. Biotechnology; Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Certificate)**^^

Teresa Edelman, Redfield (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Todd Schwartz, Redfield (BGS General Studies)*

Loretta Simon, Seneca (B.A. Theatre)

Victoria Davenport, Sioux Falls (MME Music Education)

James Heisinger, Sioux Falls (B.S.Ed. in Honoribus Social Science)***

Lisandra Herrera Ferrer, Sioux Falls (B.A. Criminal Justice)

Brandon Kusler, Sioux Falls (B.S.Ed. Physical Education)**  

Zachary Lanier, Sioux Falls (B.S. Biology; Allied Health Certificate)*

Emily Pulling, Sioux Falls (A.A. General Studies)

Jaime Westra, Sioux Falls (M.S.Ed. Leadership and Administration)

Christine Nefzger, Sisseton (B.A. Criminal Justice)

Abigail Ashton, South Shore (B.S. Human Performance)

Rebecca Fahey, Spearfish (Master of Music Education)

Peyton Ellingson, Stratford (B.S. Human Performance)***

Dillon Jensen, Sturgis (A.A. Criminal Justice)

Carley Shockman, Tea (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Tabitha Sonne, Tea (B.A. History)

Melanie Kruse, Toronto (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Camryn Binger , Tulare (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education; Special Education)**

Abby Masat, Tulare (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Ashlyn Otto, Tulare (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)*

Solomon Bach, Watertown (B.S. Business Administration)**

Tava Berg, Watertown (B.S. Human Performance)**

Naomi Davis, Watertown (B.A. Music)

Alex Gauer, Watertown (B.S.Ed. Special Education; History)

Alexis Malimanek, Watertown (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)

Hannah Mc Elhany, Watertown (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)*

Bailey Richter, Watertown (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)***

Katherine Strande, Watertown (M.S.Ed. Leadership and Administration)

Josslyn Veflin, Watertown (B.S. Biology)

Marissa Hanley, Wentworth (Bachelor of Music Education K-12 Instrumental)*

Tara Liesinger, Wentworth (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Lucas Fredrick, Westport (Bachelor of Music Education K-12 Combined)***

Michele Hagenlock, Winner (B.S. Accounting)

Makenna Petersen, Winner (B.S. Psychology)**

Citlali Reyes, Wolsey (B.S. Marketing)*

Dylan Rausch, Yankton (B.A. Music)



Damion Williams, Colleyville (B.S. Business Administration)

Kristen Calderon, Frisco (B.S. in Honoribus Biology; Allied Health Certificate)*

William Corchado, Katy (BGS  General Studies)



Camille Andrus, Salt Lake City (Graduate Certificate, Germans from Russia Studies)

Teya Trujillo, West Haven (B.S. Mathematics; A.S. Business Administration: Management Information Systems)*^



Breanna Insani, Bremerton (B.S. Psychology)

Diego Gallegos, Renton (BGS General Studies)



Keri Rasmussen, Madison (Master of Music Education)

Dorien Ah Sam, Oconomowoc (B.S. Human Performance)

Yoko Takashi, Sun Prairie (B.S. Business Administration)



Molly Knowles , Douglas (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)



Dmytro Anikin, Ukraine and Spain (B.S. Management Information Systems)**

Marialuisa Avila Ibarra, Panama (B.A. International Business; B.S. Management)

Cheng Chen, China (M.S.Ed. Educational Studies)

Matej Cip, Czech Republic (B.A. in Honoribus Music)***

Riccardo Done, Italy (M.S.Ed. Sport Performance and Leadership)

Jonas Hauge, Norway (B.S. Marketing)*

Eduardo Mendoza Reyes Ortiz, Bolivia (Bachelor of Music Education K-12 Combined)***

Emma Murdock, Canada (B.A. Communication Studies; B.S. Psychology)*

Lonneke Van Eijk, Belgium (B.S. Chemistry)***


*** Candidate for Summa Cum Laude

** Candidate for Magna Cum Laude

* Candidate for Cum Laude

^^^ Candidate for Highest Honor

^^ Candidate for High Honor

^ Candidate for Honor


About Northern State University  

Northern State University is a student-centered institution that provides an outstanding educational experience, preparing students through the liberal arts and professional education for their future endeavors. A regional university, Northern offers rigorous academics; diverse civic, social and cultural opportunities; and a commitment to building an inclusive environment for all points of view. Northern also offers a broad-based athletics program, sponsoring 15 NCAA Division II intercollegiate varsity sports that compete in the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (NSIC). The university strives to enrich the community through partnerships such as its Educational Impact Campaign, which opened a new South Dakota School for the Blind and Visually Impaired; new athletic and recreation fields; and an on-campus regional sports complex. With the $55 million campaign, NSU has been the recipient of more than $150 million in privately funded building projects and scholarships within a decade. To learn more, visit NSU Admissions.