How much is the undergraduate admissions application fee?

$20 (non-refundable). Please email if you're unable to afford our application fee.


Is the ACT or SAT required for admittance to Northern?

No, you may be admitted without an ACT or SAT score. We offer multiple criteria that allow us to admit students to Northern State University. 


Which states have reciprocity with Northern State University?

Residents of these states pay discounted or the same tuition rates as South Dakota residents. Residents of other states are charged non-resident tuition.

  • Colorado
  • Iowa
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • North Dakota
  • Minnesota (reciprocity agreement, discounted tuition available)
  • Wyoming

How can I visit campus?

We offer several options for you and your family and friends to visit campus. Choose from an on-campus, personalized visit, a Northern Bound Day, or a virtual visit. We also offer select Saturday visits. Sign up for a campus visit today!


Will my dual credits taken while in high school transfer to Northern State University?

The answer is very likely to be yes! For high school students in Minnesota, the school from which courses are taken must be part of the MNSCU system or NACEP-accredited. For high school students from South Dakota, the school from which courses are taken must have an agreement with the South Dakota Board of Regents or be a South Dakota public institution. Contact NSU Admissions with questions!


When are the financial aid priority deadlines and the WolfPACT scholarship deadlines?

There is no application deadline for WolfPACT scholarships. We recommend completing your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) anytime after October 1. The FAFSA has a priority deadline of March 1 and we aim to send you federal aid eligibility award offers by early spring.


How big is Aberdeen, and what is the job market like in Aberdeen for part-time jobs, summer jobs, and internships?

The Aberdeen community is a growing and prospering community with a population of about 28,000 - the third-largest community in South Dakota. Aberdeen employers are constantly seeking interns. Internships can range from unpaid to full-time paid positions - and often result in careers!


When is the earliest I can register for classes once I am accepted to Northern State University?

Freshman registration usually starts in mid- to late spring.


Will I be assigned an advisor?

Certainly! You'll have been assigned an academic advisor before registering for classes. Visit Academic Advising to learn more.


What are the differences between residence halls?

NSU's residence halls come in two styles: traditional and suite. In traditional halls, one or two students share a space. In suite-style halls, two or four students share a space that consists of two to four sleeping areas as well as their own shower and bathroom. This style also includes a mini-fridge and microwave. Three new residence halls with modern amenities have opened on campus in recent years: Wolves Memorial Suites, Great Plains West, and Great Plains East. Visit Residence Life for more information on residence halls. 


How is parking on campus and are freshmen allowed to have cars on campus?

We have ample parking available throughout campus and there are no reserved parking spots. Parking passes are for sale each year and freshmen may have cars on campus.


Do you have campus security?

Northern State University has a full-time officer on staff throughout the school year. This officer is a member of the Aberdeen Police Department and has extensive training in all areas of law enforcement. NSU has a great relationship with the Aberdeen City Police Department and officers are very visible on campus as well as in nearby neighborhoods. Visit Campus Safety to learn more.


Which meal plan should I choose?

We offer several choices of meal plans. Your appetite and amount of time spent on campus will help you decide which meal plan is best for you. Visit Dining Services to see all your options!


What if I went to school a long time ago and don’t want to transfer my credits? Do I still have to send NSU my transcripts?

Yes. According to South Dakota Board of Regents policy, transfer or reentry students must submit official transcripts of all previous coursework, regardless of the age of the record and whether or not credit was received. Failure to submit all required paperwork may delay processing your application and, if you are applying for federal financial aid, disbursement of your aid.